Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Autumn Gold and the Mind Body Spirit Brighton Festival 1st 2nd 3rd November

This year we have been having a beautiful slowly turning peaceful Autumn with plenty of lovely warm sunny days and Harvest golds and coppery bronzes burnishing the leaves. 

That was until yesterday when we were visited at dawn by the massive windy storm that literally ripped tiles from our roof and blew down our fence! Blustery and chaotic, swirling and blowing vegetation and debris in all directions for hours! Uprooting trees and sending enormous roaring waves crashing and battering the coast! Wild and dangerous and seemingly coming out of nowhere.

Then by today the natural world has returned to its beautiful self, calm safe and serene.
The golden sunshine gently covering the Sussex landscape caressing the world once again with warmth and light. How quickly and dramatically our reality and our outlook can change!

Well we are definitely living in very changeable times and this can be both a challenging and exciting thing. Change is good for it can bring freshness and newness that can not arise out of fixed or static situations and mind sets. Twitchy says "Nothing new can come from more of the same, so be prepared to Change Change Change" embracing these changes is definitely the way to go!

In accordance with this new paradigm and to reflect my own personal evolution I have re built and designed my entire website! It is still an on going work in progress where I am aiming to display my work in a manner that answers the many requests i have so often received. That is to display my paintings along side their stories and messages, and to make my latest channelled writing available to the public as and when it is received. This has been a great adventure defining how i wish to represent myself for the new future. It has been very helpful as an exercise to accept my own mental and spiritual transformation in the alchemical sense and to embrace the newly developing me.

Life never stays the same and sometimes our aims and priorities change too so we have to take stock and re set our sails accordingly. The passage of time as a mother is a beautiful thing but there comes a certain point where your children no longer require you in such a full on fashion where you have an opportunity to start to see the end of much loved era approaching and of the changes coming. This can be a positive thing which brings a wonderful renewed sense of self purpose. You can see that you can start to redefine who you are and who you wish to be for the future beyond your own familiar boundaries and comfort zone. I see it as both exciting and empowering.

Throughout the year I have been doing a lot of personal development work, reading some fascinating and useful books and attending talks and workshops to help release the negative blocks, false limitations and emotional baggage that I have picked up thus far on my life's journey. It is all part and parcel of the stepping into the fullness and greatness of my souls potential! Ha ha thats the way I am looking at it ! There are 3 major stages in the spiritual  development of woman, Maiden, Mother and Crone. With the onset of menopause and the rapidly growing up of my children I am now happily preparing to step up and into my own Golden Autumn phase, my Crone, wise woman role! With Autumn being my favourite season I am really looking forward to it and am sure it will be very happy and fulfilling.  

There is richness in the Autumn that is abundant and bountiful. See your world bathed in this Golden light and it shall be so. Be grateful for all the magnificence and simple beauty in your world .

Mind Body Spirit Brighton Festival.
November 1st * 2nd * 3rd
The Brighton Centre

I will be exhibiting at the MInd Body Spirit Festival in the live stage area at stand H2.
It would be lovely to see you there if at all possible. It promises to be a great event.

So until my next blog enjoy the weather, ALL of it ! 
and always remember to believe in magic!
x x x 

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