Friday, March 14, 2014

March news .

Spring greetings to you all! I am sorry I have not written my blog since last year but I have introduced a monthly newsletter in which I have been reporting the previous months activities and adventures as well as including all the channelled writings that I have received throughout the month. 
This way people can stay upto date with what I am doing and can have all the recent writing without having to keep checking my website for it.

If you are interested in receiving this newsletter too then please sign up on my home page.
I have mentioned previously that I have been interested in the work of William Whitecloud and that I went to Swaziland in November to do an intensive 7 day training with him. I have found this line of personal development and enquiry to be very powerful, very interesting and incredibly helpful. 

If you are interested in unleashing your own genius and are looking to achieve effortless success in every area of your life then you can do no better than attend a workshop held by William Whitecloud .The Internationally acclaimed author of ‘The Magicians Way’ and ‘The Last Shaman’ William is both an incredible storyteller and genuine Master in the field of personal development. His books are great testament to his immense wisdom and deep understanding of the secrets of natural success.

William specialises in connecting you with your own creative power and provides you with techniques for focussing it in the direction that you truly desire. By using insightful exercises, demonstrations and stories he shows you how to understand the full power of the mind, develop your intuition and engage your imagination to create the life of your dreams

 I have attended 3 such inspirational events all of which have helped me grow exponentially. ‘Living from Greatness’ in London U.K, ‘Master your Destiny’ in the wild mountains of Swaziland S.A. and most recently ‘The Million Dollar Book Club” writers convention in Los Angeles, California U.S.A Each time has been a more mind-expanding experience than the last providing me with even greater understanding to achieve my full potential and develop my High Level Creative Functioning.

William is a great facilitator and public speaker who delivers his vast knowledge with a genuine passion. He walks his talk and shares all that he knows with an open heart and generous spirit. He is a truly accomplished Alchemist who delights in transforming his delegates from base metal into purest GOLD.

If you are interested in attending one of William Whiteclouds "Living from Greatness" trainings he is running an event in London on on April 5th and 6th.

Please follow the link to find out more and book your place.

I will be going to the event and look forward to seeing you there too if you decide to go. 

All best wishes and love until next time


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