Monday, October 22, 2012

Autumn twitchy up date ~

Autumn abundance and colourful delights ~

Well here we are in the midst of Autumn and the mists of time,
Who knows what the future holds, we're the Myans correct in their thinking and prophecies that the end of the world is neigh? Well I don't think so! 
My birthday is fast approaching and this year is a pretty exciting one indeed for the 12*12*12 will be my 50th Birthday!
We are all greatly blessed to bare witness to the turning of the seasons. As the weeks go by the trees perform their most colourful annual show. Silently transforming themselves from a palet of verdent greens through the spectrum of rich Ruby reds, burnt umber oranges to palest yellows oachers with opulent burnished golds, Truly magnificent pure natural Abundance ~

The interconnected ness of all things is the greatest mystery of all time ~
To see and hear and taste and touch, to feel to think to be ~ or not to be ~ that is indeed the question ! For after all one and all are but the same. Everything is one and all are ultimately codependent on one another for survival~ that IS the key.