Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Deep snowy grteetings to you one and all,

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the people whom have attended my talks on
"Art with a spiritual Heart " recently and given me such wonderful positive feed back and praise.
I really feel that giving such talks and workshops is the way forward for me, teaching what I feel most passionate about and inspiring others to explore their own creativity and help raise their own vibrations in the process, to get back into their flow, to reconnect fully with source~

If telling my own story and sharing my own journey can now prove to be of benefit and inspiration to others then come on universe give me the opportunities to speak to wider audiences and I shall say YES!

Obviously one of the most important things i have to convey are the wise words of channelled guidance that I receive from the beloved Twitchy. Sometimes his words are gentle and comforting and sometimes they are more weighty and factual like this piece below which is pretty heavy bananas, it is really good but does feel a bit like sitting in an astrophysics lecture~

Please feel free to share this with as many people as you can as it is really important to spread as far and as wide as possible.
Thank you.

Hold onto your hats and ENJOY~

TWITCHY 2 *11 *2010

The time space continuum and the overlap of race and reverberation create an interesting framework and veritable grid of existence.

The junction points of intense interaction and cosmic reaction are of the uttermost importance. You, me, and all that there is, are fast approaching such a point at which positive change can be effected out of a probable catastrophe.

The Mayans had all but prophesised this for their understanding of the delicate order and balance of the intricate layering and cosmic lace that dictates our reality is extremely fragile at this point and has the potential for total collapse.

It is therefore key to all that has been or yet to come that this vulnerable point in the network of the universal existence and balance of matter and anti matter be bridged or patched if you wish, to prevent the total annihilation of all that there is

This is a cosmic emergency and requires a lot of beings to achieve “emergence” from their solely physical existence to their higher vibrational forms for active duty in the Special Forces unit as it were. To act with great speed and efficiency as the highly trained and evolved task force of purest light workers that they truly are.

You have been seconded to your role on earth to live as it were as “sleeper” agents. NOW ~ NOW~ NOW~ is your time to truly wake up and start to reconnect to the higher information, the higher frequency being that is your higher self. You are here to lead by example ~ regroup with your kindred spirits and do the work that is yours to do. Act out the orders you were given a very long time ago.

To be present and present here on earth at this time is THE most important thing of ALL.

Those of you whom are incarnated now are those of you whom will and can make a difference. See the world as a continued source of human existence, a thing of great love and beauty and be an active part of the saving of it as such.

Project golden light across the possible black hole in the future of the world. Shine brightly so that the darkness does not consume the place and extinguish the human race.

Be the beacon of light that inspires other to project love and hope against the odds and make Heaven a place on Earth.

This is a time of HUGE cosmic change and it has to be tipped to go in your favour or it cannot be guaranteed mankind’s survival.

As things stand Mother Earth needs an enormous Helping Hand.

The literal fabric of the earth is breaking up, the network of energy and matter that forms the matrix of its existence is what is at risk.

‘Tis not an attack from an alien species or some such science fiction theme. Nor ’tis it some Dr Evil figure that wields his power of destruction over humanity, but it is the balance of dark matter versus light!

More pure light golden and bright, positively charged and actively pulsating is what is needed to stem the pernicious growth and cancerous nature of the pure dark matter that is eating away at the fabric of the time space continuum and of

LIFE and existence in all its forms ~