Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Spring is in the air and hope is returned to the land! How fantastic to see new life bursting forth from seemingly dead wood. Bright blue skies and gentle soft sunshine following crisp white snow and frosted spiders webs.
Snow Drops, Crocus, Daffodils and Catkins!

Ahhhh........ to be in England now that spring is there!

Since early December I have been ensconced in the depths of my studio painting away in my happy place, as it is known. Now it is time for me and my latest works to emerge with the turning of the seasons and the forth coming solstice.
My work has definitely evolved into something new over the past year and become not only more detailed but more descriptive too.I have a very spiritual outlook on life and this is beginning to carry through my work more and more. It now not on
ly tends to enhance the surrounding it is in but also raises its vibrations and those of the viewer. My latest 2 paintings are good examples of this.

"Tree of Life"    ( pictured above)
This was an epic painting for me to complete as it required a lot, in fact demanded a lot, of
 personal inner journey work! It is about getting well and truly grounded in the here and now and to be fully present on the planet! Something that I have always struggled with being more of an off the planet visionary dreamer and explorer of higher spiritual flight!

However after carrying the image around in my head for at least a year I settled down to the task and spent months and months on it until at last, I achieved it !
It has not even left my studio yet and I have already had some amazing responses from the people who have seen it. It definitely does seem to have quite a profound effect on the emotions! It tends to stop people in their tracks and makes them take stock as to where they are in l
ife and more importantly, in themselves.

Strangely enough it has made me much stronger, more confident and much more grounded!
So far I have only produced hand finished greetings cards of the image and yet I sell out of them as quickly as i can produce them. The Tree of Life is a powerful image for sure and I am looking forward to the response it will get when the painting has its first public showing.

"Paradise Beach"
The new one I have been working on is a definite follow on from the tree.
It is an open blue sky with billowing white clouds filled with hope and positive energy, trimmed with silver linings, as life itself so often is.
It represents all that is good and exciting for the future, coming from the heavens and viewed over a topical turquoise sea. Sets of crystal topped white water waves, break gently onto the shoreline of prosperity. A sweeping white sand beach lays out stretched, receiving with great ease, the natural treasures and gifts, shells, pearls and even 24 carat gold the sea of abundance has to bestow. 

Tropical exotic flora and fauna offer all the goodness that life can give on the land and the beauty of simply being here, fully grounded, not such a bad prospect if Life really is a beach!
The true natural wonder and magical delight of the whole scene is in fact offered by a radiant
 yet hidden sun, beaming down heavens LOVE and finest light, from behind one of the big white clouds. This implies that hope does spring eternal and that all is well with the world!

With great Love