Friday, November 20, 2009

The winds of change and my Open Studio

Greetings as the season quickly turns from rich autumn shades to wintry blustery showers! Great things can come from what these powerful "winds of change" do bring. The promise and potential for great change is now here for us all, in these positively charged, vast and billowing clouds!
The polar ice caps are melting indeed but within their frozen depths has been held pure water filled with the clear energy and memory of bygone eras, when the world was not so polluted and tainted with greed and mans selfish lust for power and the pain and horrors of war. Fresh water charged with good, positive energy is now released unto the world and fills the depths of the oceans and seas. It is this new/old water that is evaporated up into the atmosphere to be rained down as droplets of hope and inspiration to us all. To literally wash the planet clean and revive humanity. We humans are made up of 70% water and as such now have the opportunity to drink in and refresh ourselves with this supercharged h2o. It is then carried upon these powerful winds and forms these wonderful clouds which do indeed have silver linings !!

Humming Bird~
This is my latest painting and has only just been finished. It brings the message of JOY. It encourages us to seek out the goodness in life and focus on whatever it is that brings us joy whether it be fantasy or reality. To keep our own vibrations "High" and not to be pulled down by the negative turbulent energy that abounds!
Twitchy's wisdom about it says this~

"Tis true the time has come to truly hum, Be like the Humming Bird and seek the goodness and transform it into gold. Hum your own vibration higher then fly~ fly~ fly~
Revisit the earth beneath your tree to ground yourself fully and prepare yourself for flight, then you can soar into the sky and truly reach the highest height~

Saturday 12*12*09           11am ~ 5pm

I will be holding an open studio in December where you are invited to come visit my latest paintings in all their 3D magicalness! and explore or purchase any of my exciting merchandise.
(much of which is not to be found on my website).

There will be a selection light refreshments, delicious home made cakes, teas and coffee! Perfect for buying extra special Christmas presents, meeting my new paintings, and seeing my studio in the wonderful artistic home of my mother, Angela Saunders.

15 Trinity Road
West Sussex

01273 833795

Travel Info~
Nearest mainline train station "Hassocks"
Hurstpierpoint can be found just outside Brighton off the main A23 below Hickstead Show Ground.

All best wishes, looking forward to seeing you in December.