Friday, January 7, 2011


~ Twitchy ~ 1*1*11* ~
A new Year ~ A New Dawn
A new decade underway

There is a lot to be celebrated with the newness of this day~ New HOPE is now born unto the world that is so forlorn. Planetary aspects are aligning to assist. This is a mighty opportunity which can not be missed.

For once the run of play is with you, encourage your fellow man to "seize the day"~ Ride high upon this tide of astronomical positivity and change and take a leap of faith and dive on into the future with confidence and grace and encourage others to do the same~

The light of the world is upon us and is available to you one and all, will come to your beck and call if you open yourself up to be a conduit of change and source of golden light it can pour down from the heavens and down through your soul to feed and illuminate your fellow beings and your beloved planet Earth.

Help humanity and Mother Earth re~birth, be the change you wish to see in the world~ Be the light ~ be the HOPE, be the beacon of purest whitest LIGHT Be the incandescent beam you know yourself to be, allow yourself to be fueled from the mighty source and burn more brightly than in your wildest dreams!

You truly are a composite made of many things and only a fraction of the whole of what and who you are has so far come into form. Emergence is required. You have outgrown the former form of yourself and must now prepare to emerge as the next evolution of you the you that is now required. The end of the decade was the turning of the page ~ right here right now a new you as born, a new more highly tuned and expanded version of yourself. You may be aware already of some of the sensory changes and sensitivities but embrace them all as they present themselves.

These changes are a vital part of your growth and development.
Open your crown and allow the golden light to flow down and fill your soul, fill your aura, fill your very being. Expand your mind for you will be able to embrace ideas now of a much greater kind.
Think big, big, bigger was your fathers idea of encouragement and now more than ever you are being urged to try~ Think beyond the sky~
Truly open your heart open your mind and FLY~