Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Latest writing from Twitchy~


Remember to keep in the flow for there is a long way to go from source to sea a whole life could be spent journeying to the rivers end.
Do not get caught in deep pools or loose too much pace when out in open space, just keep on going~
The pace will quicken when the terrain requires so do not meander or dissipate your own energy when it is not supplied by external momentum.
Tune in deeper to the under current of perpetual flow use this deeper supply to help you fly so you can more quickly cover the less interesting parts of the course, just try~


By clearing your space you can quicken your pace, feel the wind in your hair with a smile on your face.To really get going with vigour and strength is very exciting, for it lets the adventure commence. Bold positive steps in the right direction shows a strong determination and personal resolve to overcome and to solve any problems you may encounter or bends in the road.
Others will indeed want to follow your example and wish to go to wherever you shall lead.
Make for yourself a brand new route a direct path to your own success for it shall bring a great deal to a great many and you should not delay but hasten it on its way,
make it happen quicker by starting it TODAY~

Much love always