Saturday, September 28, 2013

New website coming , latest writing too ~

Coming Soon ~ my new website will be complete and ready for relaunching showing all my latest writing in one place and all my paintings with their individual stories too. 

For the next two weekends I shall be exhibiting at the Vision Gallery as part of the Chidddingly Festival " A Harvest for the Arts" , Sharlands Farm, Sharlands Lane , Blackboys , East Sussex TN 22 5 HN 

Wishing you all a wonderful Autumn as the world around us silently turns to Gold ! 
See your world bathed in Golden Light and it shall be so ~

Twitchy.  24/9/13

Feel the warmth of the golden light upon your face and allow its warmth to permeate your bones and to caress your soul. Heal your body and restore your sense of well being and equilibrium. Allow the energy and warmth to comfort and flow through you, opening your pathways to your core allowing you to be re connected to source once more ~

Then you can begin to not only survive but truly thrive. For 'it's not always easy being you and that is understood. Allow this healing to take place surrender your resistance release release release. Then all pain and discomfort will cease. Question ye not what it is you should or could be doing, you should or could be chewing just relax and allow the healing to flow through you comforting and soothing your digestion restoring your natural rhythm and health. 

You are a child of the light and therefore it's right for you to be filled with wonder and awe tis your responsibility to share with humanity the wisdom that is imparted to yea. Help shall be provided so do not be so frightened or guarded be open to receiving the help you are needing by focussing with positive thoughts supported by positive actions and call all that you require, all that you desire.

Create your new "you" the you you wish to be, where once you were a sapling now become your tree! Stand up tall for one and all to see be the mighty Oak you truly came to be! No more playing small for the comfort of one and all stand tall and be of great comfort and inspiration to them all.

No more hiding or being shy and embarrassed choose to be courageous and bold be strong aim high and go for Gold! Let all anxiety drop away allow all abundance to come your way. Climb on the back of your higher self and together you can walk your talk. March confidently onwards towards your bright future. Be the visionary and tutor you were born to be. Help yourself to help humanity.

The world is in need of good food for thought upon which to feed. Put your words of wisdom out there on line for all the world to feast upon. Then in time you shall see how your paintings truly are soul food sister that help feed the hungry souls of people in need and that your role of visionary artist is an important role indeed. 

By creating your work and sharing your work and sharing your stories you help other people gain an understanding of their own inner journeys. You help them to gain an understanding of their own internal landscape and give them a visual language through which their emotions can speak. 

Archetypal images expressing deeper meanings so often out of reach made clear by your interpretation to help heal with inspiration ~ Be inspired and Inspirational ~ Was there ever a greater thing to be. Be filled with great Love from above so that you can Beam and Shine Bright like a diamond for all the world to see. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Be in awe and wonder every day be happy and grateful for your time on planet earth make every second count and make every second worth living. Give Love at all times, give thanks at all times and be blessed at all times be Loved at all times that is the way to help humanity, be the very best you can be. Allow yourself to grow and become your own mighty magnificent tree.

Put your roots way on down into rich nourishing energy of the earth so you can stand strong in any storm and reach upward skyward heavenly bound touching the stars whilst being firmly on the ground. 
Thus you can achieve as is above so is below, you can indeed be a spiritual being in human kind reconnected to source all of the time bringing the wonders of the universe all around ~