Friday, September 18, 2009

Autumn Gold~

There is a rhythm and flow to life, and I am part of it!

Life supports me and brings to me only good and positive experiences.

I trust the process of life to bring me my highest good ~

Sometimes life has a funny way of unfolding to make you re asses your priorities, to encourage you to fully appreciate the now, and change the importance you put on the goals your are aiming for!
Since last I wrote the focus of my whole life has been family and spending top quality time with them all. We have had a wonderful summer filled with great love and lots of magical occasions. Treasured relies have come home from far away places, and some have gone off on adventures of their own to places unknown, and will return someday full of stories to share. Time spent with those you love lasts forevermore.
My loved ones near and far are more important to me now than ever ~  

Summer is over, schools are back and my children are growing up before my very eyes.
Autumn is here , my favorite time of year and Life is sweet ~ 

The painting I am working on right now is probably the happiest , brightest and most magical fantasy painting I have ever done! It is a "Humming Bird" shimmering in flight amidst a fantastical tropical explosion of fauna and flora! It is about the importance of heightening our personal vibrations and seeking out the goodness in life.  Hummmmmm.......... something I am trying to do! 

It is definitely time to try and maintain the highest vibrations and most positive out look possible somehow, so that we do not sink into to the darkness and yuck that the media would have us believe is all that there is out there.

I believe what you think about you DO bring about, so HOPE dose spring eternal in my world and is alive and kicking in my studio if nowhere else!!!! 

Heres wishing you all great joy in this season of abundance, harvest festivals and fields of gold~