Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Clean ~ 21/3/13

The times are seemingly quite challenging for a great many people right now, myself most definitely included! Here is some of the latest writing from Twitchy which basically says hold on tight it will be alright!


From time to time the yuck and grime of life float up to the surface. Here they become visible for all the world to see no longer hidden and out of sight but out of the shadows and into the light.
The bottom of the barrel is where this yuck does dwell and fester but part of the clearing out process is to release this blackness and to flush it away!
Cleanse and clear it out!
There is a lot of disruptive and dark energy about and it appears to be causing some nastiness and problems as it has been shifted from the shadows!
It is however on its way out, without a doubt, it is just doing the best it can to create as much chaos and confusion before it must go, but go it will, so TRUST and hold on tight to the belief that your life WILL BE BATHED IN GOLDEN LIGHT and it will be SO, not besmirched and disturbed by the filth and grime around at this time ~