Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Harvest of Hope ~

My exciting April news is the announcement of my forth coming exhibition " Step into the light" it is a collective exhibition with a wonderful group of extremely talented visionary artist friends . It is to be held in a beautiful Brighton home generously offered for the occasion by Karen Healy, as part of the Brighton Festival Artists Open Houses event and is open weekends only throughout the month of May.
Our venue is called "The Holistic Art House"and we are part of the Dyke Road Arts Trail (number 10) all information for the exhibition can be found on our website and . Please come and visit us and view some amazing artworks including my newest pieces.

As I near the completion of my latest painting , which is the compassionate companion to my "Path of Light"🌜, it's name has emerged and it is going to be called "Harvest of Hope" .🌞

This morning I wrote this piece from Twitchy which I though you may all like to share.

Much ❤always

Twitchy ~ 10:4:13 ~

Harvest of Hope~
Hoorah Hoorah Hooray ~
For the time has come to truly turn the page from "Path of Light" and darkest night
To "Harvest of Hope" and the brightness of Day~

Be in tine with the silvery light of the moon but see your life bathed in golden light and it shall be so . T'is time indeed to step into your bright future with a sense of Peace and understanding of the lessons from the long night of the soul.

By spending a measure of ones time out in the darkness alone and a long way from home one learns a great deal. how to cope with all you may feel, anger, loss, fear, and despair, hurt and pain, guilt and shame, heartache and blame, over and over again and again.

Then once you have embraced and experienced all your darkest deepest shadow emotions, surrendered to their existence and story , you can begin to see the only thing that is consistent and real is LOVE~

The darkest hour is just before the dawn and by releasing ALL Fear and replacing it with TRUST by releasing all judgement and replacing it with forgiveness YOU will bring the light back into your world. You can transform your life with LOVE. The process may be long , it may be hard but it will definitely be worth it.

To develop a truly compassionate heart. One has to start by experiencing the depth of all feeling. And by gaining an understanding of how to appreciate the process of transformation one can use the light of LOVE to cut through the darkness of any circumstance or situation and to see the truth , the soul that is a kindred spirit in need. Then All is LOVE. LOVE is all you need.

The wisdom gained by personal experience is truly heartfelt . Therefore it can be a very positive thing that can be used to help and guide others, soul sisters and brothers.
See light and Love as the constants in your world and watch as the golden sun rises to the heavens and beams brightly over the landscape of your life ripening the Harvest of Hope .

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy New Beginnings ~

1.4.13. Easter Monday channeled Guidance

You have had your time of incubation and gestation and now the time has come to be born again unto the world. New Beginnings , New Horizons, New You ~
Step into the fullness of this rebirth with great enthusiasm , great HOPE, and great LOVE
for this is the time for you to embrace the fullness of who you truly came to BE.
Be strong and courageous , Be calm and centred, Be inspired and inspirational,
Be loving and contented. Be the very best you can be.
Like the mighty Phoenix rise out of the fire and leave all your fears and negativity behind you.
Be joyful and Triumphant for your future is an exciting and happy place.
Greet this new opportunity with a smile upon your face and enjoy every step of the way
as a new and precious gift presented each and every day~

X x x x