Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Thank you very much to every one who came to my Open House
on the 12 June and helped make it a truly wonderful day. We were very blessed with lovely weather delicious cakes and great company! It was fantastic to see so many people.

SUMMER SOLSTICE 21st June Twitchy

time of year is here again, when the sun is highest in the heavens again. Tis the longest of days, and the shortest of nights, when the Northern Hemisphere is bathed in maximum light.

Tis the time for plans and schemes to materialise and hopes and dreams to be realised. Tis a time of great positivity and change. For growth of many kinds fauna and flora, hearts and minds. Celebration and affirmation,

Life is good, Life is sweet, Life is Hope Life is LOVE sent to you all from Heaven and the sun of suns on High ~

22*6*2010 Twitchy

You can trust more and worry less for your life has been truly blessed. You will find your way each and every day for it is a journey and not a destination. Sometimes you take the longer route and not the most direct but that is part of your journey and is no less correct! Hold the faith and keep on believing open your heart and hands and start receiving the ABUNDANCE that you seek for tis available to you each and every week!

Keep it not out of reach by listening to negative speak, hurry its arrival by giving it your full approval! The light of the world is yours and held in your souls potential, the healing and joy your heart contains can be exponential. Release your full light unto the world and it will be a brighter place. Be the brightest you can be and all those around you will be showered in your golden light.

Let go of any doubt or disbelief sadness or grief for this new season “Summer” heralds fruitfulness joy harmony warmth and LOVE. May they all rush in and flow through the shadow aspects of your mind and fill you full with contentment and confidence so that your loving cup doth over runeth and happiness and joy abound.

May you heal all aspects of your mind and body, rebalance your inner and outer worlds so that you can be the HEALTHIEST and WEALTHIEST and HAPPIEST you can BE~

Shine brightly as the Summer Solstice Sun for your time is now your day has come.

Follow your heart listen to your own calling for tis there expressly for you.

SEE the beauty in the world FEEL the joy in your heart.

Express the LOVE that you feel and help yourself and all others to truly HEAL~

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Flaming June~

How wonderful it is to have the golden sunshine back in our lives, beaming its warmth and glory down upon us from beautiful clear blue skies. Blossoms are blooming, buds are growing, and at long last the trees are once again wearing their best greens!

Saturday 12th of June from 10~6pm all welcome!

I am hoping to have finished my latest painting by then and to be able to reveal it to the world.This one is very different to those that have come before and I think it is a very interesting piece. It is an intriguing and beguiling moonlit landscape in a deep dark midnight pallet of colours. Reflecting the times we live in and the need to connect to source to fill your heart and soul with GREAT LOVE~

I would like to say a big thank you to all the wonderful people I have met recently doing the various shows and fairs and open houses I have exhibited at. I have been extremely fortunate to have taken part in some lovely events and have some more coming up soon on my events page of my website.