Friday, November 4, 2011

Positive November News~

Warmest ever Greetings at this most unusual November time!

My Roses are in full bloom outside my front door, beautiful but hitherto previously unseen at this time of year! Sweetly scented and delicately coloured they radiate with pure HOPE and LIFE~

My exhibition is now up and running at The Yoga Ananda Centre in Reigate where my paintings have delighted and surprised even me! There are 10 of them on display hanging together in one bright white room. They seem SO happy to be there together, as they have never all met each other before.
Individually they resonate with almost audible sound but collectively they seem to be singing like a veritable choir!

When I think of them now from a distance, I see they are
hanging in a circle that is making an unseen column of light which is spiraling upwards.This invisible ring of healing light can be experienced by the people visiting them, and especially those exercising and meditating amongst them. It is quite amazing ! My wish is to be invited to take my exhibition to another venue so that the paintings can keep on singing with their collective voice and benefit even more individuals!

I have had some interesting writing from Twitchy to support this idea as well as some very good positive guidance for us all. I hope you enjoy it ~

Twitchy 16*10*11 Sayers Common

Tis the landscape of the soul that will be revealed as your daily life does unfold. For the various highs and lows only Heaven knows how they are designed to contribute and combine to expand your conscious mind, to create the most fertile environment for you to grow and move beyond the limitations of what you think you know~

Some people seem to be here to learn very different things, To experience life on earth in any form is a unique and special gift, From the minute you are born your journey is begun,

‘tis unlike any other for ‘tis truly yours alone.

You are all here to experience “LIFE” to develop compassion and to be both Loving and Loved. All the details may be variables but the destinations are all the same. How your landscape differs from another can be huge even between sister and brother.

You may well think because you have a close family link

that your journeys may be somehow similar and your lessons will be the same, just because you share a surname. However this is not the case.

Even identical twins who share the same face have different landscapes to cross.

You may be born into the same family but that has no significance on the Ordinance Survey map of the individual Soul. You have to follow the path that your life reveals to help you arrive at your goal

with your heart filled with Love, complete and whole ~

26*10*11 Twitchy Sayers Common

Release ALL negativity without expectation then you can embrace the future without hesitation.

For if you hold onto resentment and fear you will prevent the very good things that you wish for to appear.

Hope and Trust literally must be free to BE the greatest they can be without being limited by your own capacity to forgive~

You can not truly say and do different things for you have to fly with one set of wings!

Be who you truly are, be it with confidence, be what you say, be what you prey, be authentically you

and see what a mighty shift releasing ALL negativity without expectation will truly do.

Lead by example and set your whole family free.

Free to simply be , Now simply BE ~ YOU

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Exciting Autumn EXHIBITION NEWS ~

I am delighted to announce that I will be having an exhibition in September at the Yoga Ananda Holistic Center in Reigate, Surrey from 16*9*11 which will run for six weeks.

The center director Leon Deith attended one of my talks on "Art with a spiritual Heart" at a recent Holistic and Mystic show and as a result of hearing about my work and my journey as a spiritual artist he offered me a solo exhibition, for which I am extremely grateful!

Many people have been asking me for quite a while to display my original paintings some where and to give a guided talk through the stories of each one. They all come with powerful messages and meanings which can often help people to connect with the healing energy and hidden magic held within the each image.

I will soon be putting these stories up on my website as a long awaited response to the many many requests to do so! I Apologize for the delay~

Also I have recently made my You tube debut with an interview for More to Life T.V which you can see by following this link ~

Anyway that is all the news for now, which only leaves me to share the latest writing from twitchy with you, enjoy~

12*7*11 ~Sayers Common~

Sometimes seeking medical assistance can bring reassurance

that all is not doom and gloom. Your own imagination can clearly conjure up symptoms and prognosis that are born out of fear, create a sense of panic and exacerbate the sense of unease. The reality may well be that something is out of balance and could be addressed which would help your general state of well being and make you worry less.

Your fight or flight mode has been on permanent overload for you have had a lot to process and transform. Give yourself time to assimilate all the changes and shock and tremors that have rocked your world and appreciate the vibrational disruptions these have created and continue to cause your mind body and spirit to work as best as they can to heal your heart and help your soul to reach its goal.

Many good good things are coming and are already starting to appear in your life. See them all as exciting positive signs of the continuation of LIFE. Be grounded in TRUST this is a must and be infused and inspired by HOPE * Keep on believing you are always where and who and what you are meant to be,

so BE~

Be positive and Hopeful, be grounded and trusting. Be ever mindful of what you are thinking and saying, projecting and preying. Make sure it is all coming from the same hymn sheet and that there is no room for self doubt or disbelief to even come near.

Sing with confidence about your bright future,

sing about being the great visionary and tutor,

sing about the glorious abundance and prosperity in your world.

Sing about the pure LOVE you are surrounded by.

Sing about the brilliant white LIGHT of the Heavenly realm that radiates in all directions from your very core.

Be the beacon of great HOPE and turn up your beam.

The world is in need of extra light right now so be well grounded to anchor it firmly to the ground. Focus on your own health in a positive way so that you can continue to be the greatest you can be, That is your own responsibility.


Monday, July 11, 2011

July ~ May HOPE be the banner you fly~

Well 3 months have now passed since I posted the sad news of my mothers departure from this world. It has been very difficult indeed to find the way to move on beyond the grief and total isolation of bereavement, but I am still standing and life does still go on!

Now more than ever I can appreciate how fortunate I am to have the loving guidance and reassurance from "Twitchy" my spirit guide, to inspire and encourage me to think and act in the best possible way to move forward , onwards and upwards!

This is some of the latest writing that I have received it is very interesting and definitely for general reading.

Please feel free to pass it on to whomever you so wish so we can help spread the wise words from above with great love~

12*6*11 ~Sayers Common~

Trust in the power of LOVE, trust in the process of LIFE~

Trust in the abundant nature of the universe and TRUST

in the guidance and protection from ABOVE~

Trust and HOPE are powerful tools and armed with them both

you can break all the rules~

The only constant thing in life is change for the universe and your reality are perpetually in a state of flux.

You are the creators of your own futures as much as your own present and your own past. So build wisely for the future on building blocks that will serve you well and truly last.

May HOPE and TRUST be the corner stones and CONTENTMENT and ENLIGHTENMENT be your goals. This will result in many more happy souls.

Too many people have lost their way, lost their HOPE

and lost their Trust and tis not a good foundation to build upon,

fear and despair tis like trying to build something solid

out of thin air~

TRUST is very solid and grounding whereas HOPE reaches Heavenly highs and bridges the gap between the earthly reality plain that allows your hearts and minds to fly, be both grounded in TRUST and infused with great HOPE then you will be best prepared for whatever will come and always be able to cope.

Sometimes it is very difficult to hold onto either which is why you need them most, for without them as your guiding light tis easy to loose your way in the darkness of the night~


The message from above is breath in the GREAT LOVE

that is being sent at this time . It is there for you one and all and ALL of you should embrace it, it is there expressly for you.

Extra light is what is needed most on planet earth at this time,

that and a willingness to CHANGE.

For NOW is the time for all things to evolve and grow.

You cannot cling onto anything from the past because it is what you know, tis time indeed for a mighty release and a willingness to try new things. For without a willingness to try how would you discover you can Fly?

Sometimes an inner sense of knowing needs a physical way of showing. These things need to be seen to be believed by yourselves as much as by anyone else. Embrace the changes and the challenges ahead for all in all they are Heaven sent! You do know through pain you grow so do not take it so deep,

release it and see quite where your life will go~

Tears are precious droplets of pure loving, life giving and soul cleansing. Each one is full of potential and purity see them all as the sea of abundance and let it fall from you eyes and heart as freely as from the skies above. Pure LOVE from the source is priceless and pain may cause their flow

but from it new Life and Love can grow~

22*6*11 ~Sayers Common~

Make positive plans for the future, see the world as a brighter better place, see yourself with a smile upon your face ~

See your life bathed in golden light and it shall be so~

how many times I have told you this I do not know

but trust me ~ it will be so

SO ~ paint it, visualize it and materialize it !

What you think about you bring about~

so off you go


6*7*11 ~Sayers Common~

Cosmic changes thus rearranges the influences on you all.

Planetary movements and astrological alignments means the shifting of both minds and matter previously set in stone. Everything is going to be affected, be it animal, vegetable, or mineral, be it your head, your heart and your home~

These cosmic occurrences will definitely create disruptions.

Much of the world as it stands is in need of great change,

peoples values, their attitudes, their selfishness and their greed!

Too much power and control has fallen to those who wield it as if it were theirs to ensure personal gain. The time has come at last for all men women and children regardless of their creed , colour or caste. The focus will become the collective good of humanity, the human race united as ONE for all boarders and barriers will be gone!

So called powers that be, those in authority will have to look to themselves for the sake of everyone else and decide what truly needs to be done. For vast changes are about to befall you

one and all.

It will be good if you see it as such but remember to focus on the positive for it may be easy to read it quite differently when the chaos and confusion of the mighty changes has begun

and the reshaping of your world has come!

9*7*11 ~Sayers Common~

Messages from above are supposed to bring LOVE


At no time and in NO way are they meant to convey a sense of fear or panic. Sometimes it is best to live your lives out from one minute to the next without thinking about the future but there again there are times when it would serve you all well to be better informed about the scale of the storm that is about to hit your shores.

Then you can take precautions and suitable actions to secure your health and safety and remain sensibly indoors. Of course even this cannot guarantee total protection but sometimes to be fore warned is to be fore armed and gives you the greatest chance of survival~

Free yourselves up from all attachments for the changes that are coming require you to be as flexible as a reed and as bending and as strong as you can be. These changes really are coming for one and all so do not stall in your distribution of this guidance for it is sent for your greater protection.

‘Tis not meant to scare you, but sent to prepare you ,

so you can all be as ready as you can possibly be~

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fond farewell to my beloved mother ANGELA Saunders

Dear All, this is the saddest post for me to compose. Right now I am faced with the biggest change I have ever had to face. It really is the true end of an era, the entire end of my life as I have thus far known it~
My mother has been my BEST BEST friend always, we shared the most incredible closeness that went far beyond the realms of most mother/daughter relationships, we were truly BLESSED~

She was simply the wisest and bravest, most dignified and graceful being I have ever met, She was unfortunately taken from us by illness but was thankfully at peace in herself and ready to pass over.

Thankfully I had some very comforting and reassuring words of great wisdom from Twitchy in the last few months and weeks.


When the thirst for life is finally fully quenched,
and the lust for life is somehow fully spent.
When the get up and go has all but got up and gone
When the "joie de vie" becomes too hard to see,
in the fresh spring flowers and in the sweet bird song.
then the time you have left is truly heaven blessed
for twill not be very long before being finally at rest.


Scores of Angels on high will descend from the sky
to bestow unto your mother her finest golden wings. To assist her ascension into the next dimension the heavenly realm above. there will be a celebration indeed when she is finally received for she will be at PEACE and as ONE with the source of ALL LOVE
and continue to watch over you all from above~

Rest in PEACE rise in GLORY~

Monday, February 7, 2011

Twitchy's latest messages~

February has arrived and everyone I know seem to be still fighting off the various illnesses that have been lingering around for months now, myself included!
Never mind, there is plenty of reassurance from Twitchy about what and why we are all going through so much stuff and I thought it best just to publish all of the latest writing I have received~

Looking forward to seeing some of you at the shows I have got booked for the Spring, Best wishes to you all with Love and Light

8*1*11 ~Sayers Common~

Time and time again co incidents will happen alignments will occur and synchronicity will be seen to be at play! Mostly these things pass unseen but are happening all the same.

Such as simultaneous messages and guidance being received in different places and different times but linked by a common name! I have mentioned before that my name is actually of no significance and its relevance has no place in your world anymore. But my messages and guidance certainly do and the power and responsibility for them and their subsequent delivery I bestow unto you!

I know it is sometimes not exactly a blessing for you as it does indeed carry a great weight on your physical shoulders but your soul knows me well and you are exactly who you are meant to be to carry out the role that is required of you ~

You are not disappointing me or anyone. You are developing and evolving at a perfect rate do not fret you will not be too late!

T’is only your conscience presenting the pressure upon yourself. We will give you all the necessary help and guidance that you need. You are an unusual being that is for sure, but you are not alone. You have all the support you need right here and in your own home~

Your family are fully aware of the rarity of you and your being, and they LOVE and support and share in your uniqueness as it is in their makeup too. Your boy and your girl are more like you than any others in the world! They are different too in their makeup for they share the genes of your magnificent husband their father. He is a kind and gentle protector. He is LIGHT and he is strength and protection. Together you have created a totally unique generation of your family lines. Hold each other close and kindly for what you have in common, is in fact quite uncommon, outside Sayers Common!

31*1*11 ~ Sayers Common~

T’is the end of the first month of the first year of the new decade And you have all done a great deal already to shift your own vibrations to lighten your interior decorations, to enhance the newness of this exciting phase and to set the new tone of clarity and calmness and expansion~

Great things are in store for you one and all and you are right to set the new positive tone in your mind, body and home! Your spirits will all fly high as the seasons turn and your good health does return. You have all been through great periods of illness and transition clearance and remission. So often as you do know children have a growth spurt after an illness and so even though it may be less evidential you can be reassured that you will be emerging from this prolonged winter of health issues and physical discontent.

You will be refreshed and reborn unto the world as a newer, healthier, Clearer, brighter you!

This newness will be an inspiration to many to go through the changes that are necessary to achieve the lightness of being that you have all gained and sustained through your own trials and tribulations and thus have raised you own vibrations~

6*2*11 ~ Sayers Common~

If not now then some day soon, there will be pure light around the world Golden from the Sun and Silver from the Moon~ If the darkness can be penetrated and eliminated by being illuminated then let the incandescence begin~

You are all capable and culpable so let the pure light in. Once you have opened up your heart and made a true start to clear out old harboured hatred and pain then the healing light the comfort and joy can return and refill the cavities filled by dark memories and depravities or heartache of regret and greed.

An enormous SPRING CLEAN is what is required by one and all of you to release out unto the universe all that is of negative value, of heaviness and no worth~ This truly is the time for RE:BIRTH~ For you all as individuals, for you all as humanity, for you all and Mother EARTH~

The clearing and cleansing is a slow and boring process and you are all suffering the exhaustion of this lengthy process but will benefit from it greatly in the months ahead and years to come. This is a very important time when this hard work on clearing the SELF is done before thy kingdom can truly come!

Pay attention to things that spring to mind, to things that seem to be surfacing after a very long time. Embrace their return and review their significance and RELEASE them thoroughly. What you will find in doing so will be an inner glow and rejuvenation! T’is definitely a time for introspection, serious reflection, reinterpretation, elimination, re-evaluation and thus


Friday, January 7, 2011


~ Twitchy ~ 1*1*11* ~
A new Year ~ A New Dawn
A new decade underway

There is a lot to be celebrated with the newness of this day~ New HOPE is now born unto the world that is so forlorn. Planetary aspects are aligning to assist. This is a mighty opportunity which can not be missed.

For once the run of play is with you, encourage your fellow man to "seize the day"~ Ride high upon this tide of astronomical positivity and change and take a leap of faith and dive on into the future with confidence and grace and encourage others to do the same~

The light of the world is upon us and is available to you one and all, will come to your beck and call if you open yourself up to be a conduit of change and source of golden light it can pour down from the heavens and down through your soul to feed and illuminate your fellow beings and your beloved planet Earth.

Help humanity and Mother Earth re~birth, be the change you wish to see in the world~ Be the light ~ be the HOPE, be the beacon of purest whitest LIGHT Be the incandescent beam you know yourself to be, allow yourself to be fueled from the mighty source and burn more brightly than in your wildest dreams!

You truly are a composite made of many things and only a fraction of the whole of what and who you are has so far come into form. Emergence is required. You have outgrown the former form of yourself and must now prepare to emerge as the next evolution of you the you that is now required. The end of the decade was the turning of the page ~ right here right now a new you as born, a new more highly tuned and expanded version of yourself. You may be aware already of some of the sensory changes and sensitivities but embrace them all as they present themselves.

These changes are a vital part of your growth and development.
Open your crown and allow the golden light to flow down and fill your soul, fill your aura, fill your very being. Expand your mind for you will be able to embrace ideas now of a much greater kind.
Think big, big, bigger was your fathers idea of encouragement and now more than ever you are being urged to try~ Think beyond the sky~
Truly open your heart open your mind and FLY~