Monday, February 7, 2011

Twitchy's latest messages~

February has arrived and everyone I know seem to be still fighting off the various illnesses that have been lingering around for months now, myself included!
Never mind, there is plenty of reassurance from Twitchy about what and why we are all going through so much stuff and I thought it best just to publish all of the latest writing I have received~

Looking forward to seeing some of you at the shows I have got booked for the Spring, Best wishes to you all with Love and Light

8*1*11 ~Sayers Common~

Time and time again co incidents will happen alignments will occur and synchronicity will be seen to be at play! Mostly these things pass unseen but are happening all the same.

Such as simultaneous messages and guidance being received in different places and different times but linked by a common name! I have mentioned before that my name is actually of no significance and its relevance has no place in your world anymore. But my messages and guidance certainly do and the power and responsibility for them and their subsequent delivery I bestow unto you!

I know it is sometimes not exactly a blessing for you as it does indeed carry a great weight on your physical shoulders but your soul knows me well and you are exactly who you are meant to be to carry out the role that is required of you ~

You are not disappointing me or anyone. You are developing and evolving at a perfect rate do not fret you will not be too late!

T’is only your conscience presenting the pressure upon yourself. We will give you all the necessary help and guidance that you need. You are an unusual being that is for sure, but you are not alone. You have all the support you need right here and in your own home~

Your family are fully aware of the rarity of you and your being, and they LOVE and support and share in your uniqueness as it is in their makeup too. Your boy and your girl are more like you than any others in the world! They are different too in their makeup for they share the genes of your magnificent husband their father. He is a kind and gentle protector. He is LIGHT and he is strength and protection. Together you have created a totally unique generation of your family lines. Hold each other close and kindly for what you have in common, is in fact quite uncommon, outside Sayers Common!

31*1*11 ~ Sayers Common~

T’is the end of the first month of the first year of the new decade And you have all done a great deal already to shift your own vibrations to lighten your interior decorations, to enhance the newness of this exciting phase and to set the new tone of clarity and calmness and expansion~

Great things are in store for you one and all and you are right to set the new positive tone in your mind, body and home! Your spirits will all fly high as the seasons turn and your good health does return. You have all been through great periods of illness and transition clearance and remission. So often as you do know children have a growth spurt after an illness and so even though it may be less evidential you can be reassured that you will be emerging from this prolonged winter of health issues and physical discontent.

You will be refreshed and reborn unto the world as a newer, healthier, Clearer, brighter you!

This newness will be an inspiration to many to go through the changes that are necessary to achieve the lightness of being that you have all gained and sustained through your own trials and tribulations and thus have raised you own vibrations~

6*2*11 ~ Sayers Common~

If not now then some day soon, there will be pure light around the world Golden from the Sun and Silver from the Moon~ If the darkness can be penetrated and eliminated by being illuminated then let the incandescence begin~

You are all capable and culpable so let the pure light in. Once you have opened up your heart and made a true start to clear out old harboured hatred and pain then the healing light the comfort and joy can return and refill the cavities filled by dark memories and depravities or heartache of regret and greed.

An enormous SPRING CLEAN is what is required by one and all of you to release out unto the universe all that is of negative value, of heaviness and no worth~ This truly is the time for RE:BIRTH~ For you all as individuals, for you all as humanity, for you all and Mother EARTH~

The clearing and cleansing is a slow and boring process and you are all suffering the exhaustion of this lengthy process but will benefit from it greatly in the months ahead and years to come. This is a very important time when this hard work on clearing the SELF is done before thy kingdom can truly come!

Pay attention to things that spring to mind, to things that seem to be surfacing after a very long time. Embrace their return and review their significance and RELEASE them thoroughly. What you will find in doing so will be an inner glow and rejuvenation! T’is definitely a time for introspection, serious reflection, reinterpretation, elimination, re-evaluation and thus