Thursday, July 4, 2013

July July bring on the blue sky ~

At long last apparently the sunshine is coming and the blue skies are on their way.

It has been such a strange year so far because the temperatures have not increased very much and the sky has been grey for so long the seasons do not appear to have changed when expected to do so and therefore the progression of time has been less obvious. It is hard to even know what to wear with 10 degree changes in temperature from one day to the next.
The English weather pattern has most definitely become strange and only acts to show us that the normality of our current reality has changed too. It is simply unavoidable, we literally have to embrace Change change change everywhere!

One of the changes in my world is I that sadly I have had to say good bye to little "Sid" my mums 16 yr.old Westie . He was much adored by many and notorious in our village and to a whole generation of youngsters for his snowy white Mohican. He was such a wonderfully loyal and loving little chap, a great companion and had been a real comfort to me since she passed away. I will really miss him and am very grateful for having had him in my world. I guess he is one of the things i am having to release as part of the clearing and freeing up process in preparation for stepping into the new. So tis with fond memories I release him with great Love~

Let the bright future begin today and our lives ALL be bathed in Golden light ~

Here are some of the most recent pieces of writing from Twitchy ~

19:6:13 Twitchy~

From time to time you get out of sync with yourself 

and out of rhythm with your world and the rhyme and reason of your life~
That is not to say you have lost your real direction but are temporarily out of play, 
but once recovered your life can resume its tune and your progress can get underway~ hooray.

Take time to recover your footing and recover your health for one ensures your safety and the other is your greatest wealth. There are adjustments you may have to make to sustain and maintain them both but these will be beneficial in the long run and will help you arrive safely and soundly in your bright future. Eat well, sleep well, think well. Work rest and play each and every day then you will be in perfect tune with the sun and moon and your future can begin Today~

25:6:13 Twitchy ~

From time to time one has to find the reason, find the rhyme to get yourself back in sync and get yourself back in line. When all of life is outstretched before you and you feel you are overwhelmed by the scale and distance of the landscape and journey ahead stop and take stock of where you have been, what you have seen thus far. Whom you have journeyed with some of the way, shared time and space and adventures with, Life experiences and emotions.

Be grateful for all whom have walked by your side for however long in time their company was it was important for your overall experience to have shared some part of your life's path with them,  people and pets. All have contributed love and support, enthusiasm ,encouragement, inspiration, purpose, incentive, fun, laughter, hope and joy.

This solstice has been a mighty landmark and turning point from which your life will move on quicker and take on new purpose and meaning. Release has been required and this only helps with the lightening of your heart and mind so your journey can continue with ease. Address all that needs addressing so you can move ahead with great speed and great ease towards your bright future~

3.7.13  Twitchy ~

Well here we are poised on the edge of your new reality .
Take a deep breath and jump in, the best thing to do is just begin. Take the actions required to get the process happening. Let go of all that maybe holding you down or weighing heavy on your mind, free yourself up so that you can LEAP headlong into your LIFE~

Clear all that needs clearing, let go of all that you are fearing. Deal with stuff that simply needs dealing! Then you can put all your energy into springing forward. Push off from here to there in the blink of an eye, you can be there already if you just try. Build it in your realm of possibilities and let that become your new reality. You choose your thoughts you choose your actions, you can also choose success and ease. 
BE ALL that you came to BE~

Believe in yourself as much as everyone else does. Weed out the negative doubts and thoughts and fears from your sub conscious and keep your healthy seedlings growing. Feed them on good nutritious thoughts and energy. Believe in your own success and see it materialise in the world right before your own eyes. Fear NOT anything!

You ARE an all powerful being, you are all way more creative than you can possibly imagine. Begin to touch the edges of what that truly means and of how greatly you can create your own reality.
Think it, believe it, see it ,touch it, Live it!

LEAP FORWARD and TRUST for it shall be GOOD.
CLEAR your own BLOCKS: