Sunday, December 20, 2009

Seasons Greetings One and All~

'Tis nigh upon us the mid-season celebration.
'Tis the same for every man whatever his beliefs or his nation.
'Tis a time for loving and living, receiving and for giving,
for faith of every kind whatever your religion
Be pleased for one another this time of year is here.
Wish all men peace and harmony
with love and Christmas cheer~

Twitchy 23.12.1992

Thank you very much to all the people who came to my open studio
and helped make it a truly wonderful event! It was also my birthday
on 12th which made it a particularly special day for me.
It was a huge success and due to popular demand I plan to hold another
one sometime in the New Year so that some of those who could not make
it have another opportunity to come!

On a sadder note, a lovely lady called Ali who I met a few years ago,
has recently passed over. She has left us a beautiful poem called
"Tree Pose in Blue" which goes amazingly well with my "Tree of Life"
painting which regretfully she had not seen.
God Bless you Ali and Peace be with you~

Tree Pose In Blue

Awakening from frozen dark, Spring trees
Unbend, unfurl, unfold upwards, undo
Autumn & reverse their Winter striptease
Reaching for glorious, astounding Blue.

From cold roots up to naked twigs, hollow
Winter emptied them: but reaching for Blue
Fills them with infinity, they swallow sky
Devour divinity.

And so you and I must do, keep struggling free
Of doubt and dark and cold we've shrunk down to
Unbend blindly, stretch like trees, yearn up to
Touch the perfect Blue we had forgotten

Unfold our fingers like leaf buds.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas
with Much Love and Peace on Earth~