Friday, March 14, 2014

March news .

Spring greetings to you all! I am sorry I have not written my blog since last year but I have introduced a monthly newsletter in which I have been reporting the previous months activities and adventures as well as including all the channelled writings that I have received throughout the month. 
This way people can stay upto date with what I am doing and can have all the recent writing without having to keep checking my website for it.

If you are interested in receiving this newsletter too then please sign up on my home page.
I have mentioned previously that I have been interested in the work of William Whitecloud and that I went to Swaziland in November to do an intensive 7 day training with him. I have found this line of personal development and enquiry to be very powerful, very interesting and incredibly helpful. 

If you are interested in unleashing your own genius and are looking to achieve effortless success in every area of your life then you can do no better than attend a workshop held by William Whitecloud .The Internationally acclaimed author of ‘The Magicians Way’ and ‘The Last Shaman’ William is both an incredible storyteller and genuine Master in the field of personal development. His books are great testament to his immense wisdom and deep understanding of the secrets of natural success.

William specialises in connecting you with your own creative power and provides you with techniques for focussing it in the direction that you truly desire. By using insightful exercises, demonstrations and stories he shows you how to understand the full power of the mind, develop your intuition and engage your imagination to create the life of your dreams

 I have attended 3 such inspirational events all of which have helped me grow exponentially. ‘Living from Greatness’ in London U.K, ‘Master your Destiny’ in the wild mountains of Swaziland S.A. and most recently ‘The Million Dollar Book Club” writers convention in Los Angeles, California U.S.A Each time has been a more mind-expanding experience than the last providing me with even greater understanding to achieve my full potential and develop my High Level Creative Functioning.

William is a great facilitator and public speaker who delivers his vast knowledge with a genuine passion. He walks his talk and shares all that he knows with an open heart and generous spirit. He is a truly accomplished Alchemist who delights in transforming his delegates from base metal into purest GOLD.

If you are interested in attending one of William Whiteclouds "Living from Greatness" trainings he is running an event in London on on April 5th and 6th.

Please follow the link to find out more and book your place.

I will be going to the event and look forward to seeing you there too if you decide to go. 

All best wishes and love until next time


Here are all the interesting pieces of writing from Feb.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November news returning home from Mastering my Destiny in the wilds of Swaziland .

Wow what an amazing month November turned out to be! Not only was it glorious in its nature with crystal clear blue skies and crisp frosty mornings but the leaves were still clinging on to their trusty branches like coppery gold and burnt umber decorations adorning the beautiful English trees. 
The Autumn has been unfolding so slowly and beautifully, reaching lazily towards the promise of the winter wonderland of December and Christmas . 

November started off really well for me with a double page article in Spirit and Destiny magazine telling the true life story of my last few years with my beloved mother and my paintings "Path of Light" and "Harvest of Hope" which was a wonderful gift. 

Then I had the most incredible 3 days at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brighton. 
I was very blessed with a fantastic large stand right next to the live stage area which had a wonderful selection of entertainment, musicians, demonstrations, talks and dancing. I displayed 3 original paintings which don't usual get the opportunity to be seen by the public and they got much praise and attention which they adored! They were beaming out their light like little beacons of Hope.
We had a really great show and met some fantastic people. I was also fortunate to be interviewed by Harun Rananni for Untangled FM radio and so my words ands messages got out there to a larger audience than I could have hoped for ! 

Some good friends of mine have recently taken over a holistic health centre in the Portland Road in Hove and called it "The Tree of Life Centre"  They have been very kind and offered me a permanent ongoing exhibition space for my work in their beautiful centre so I have taken lots of my original paintings and hand finished prints down their including my mighty "Tree of Life" itself. 
The original "Humming Bird" is also there now flying high in the main studio where people go for Yoga and various classes plus a drop in Acupuncture clinic. So are The Temple, Annie Rose, Postcard from Hollywood, and Versace.  My paintings and prints are very happy there because they are in service doing their work singing their individual healing songs loud and clear and adding to the wonderful choir of healing energy that fills the whole centre. The patients and visitors are also giving them a lot of love and attention too which is makes for a win win situation all round.

Then on the 7th November an even more exciting thing happened! I flew off to South Africa on an incredible journey to take part in a 7 day personal development Worksop run by William Whitecloud called "Master Your Destiny". William is the author of two really great books, The Magicians Way and The Last Shaman which I would highly recommend everyone to read. Very inspirational. 
I went with a good friend of mine Gill Orsman and met up with 25 other people for what turned out to be a life changing experience and fantastic adventure! 

First we flew down to South Africa from Heathrow late one night then travelled by coach from Johannesburg for 9 hours up into the wild mountains and across the boarder into Swaziland.
There we stayed in a beautiful national park overlooking the great Rift Valley of Africa. Everyday we were given masses of fascinating information to digest and learned great techniques to put into practice and to expand our minds to develope our own intuition more and more. We laughed a lot and cried a bit but had great fun helping each other gently evolve as the week progressed. 
It was incredible experience shared with a very special group of people plus wonderful food and great hospitality from our very warm and welcoming Swazi hosts. All this set against the incredible stunning backdrop of Africa. Totally Fantastic! I loved every minute of it and made some really special friends at the same time. 

Following that intense and exhilarating week we spent 3 days on a private game reserve for a safari to really get up close and personal with the amazing African wildlife. This was another incredible and totally thrilling trip in itself. I have put some videos up on my Facebook page and my website of some Swazi Dancers and Drummers who put on a great show for us, and an Elephant that also put on a very different type of show! After 3 days of more fun and wildness I made the long journey homeward, 2 days of travelling back to the northern Hemisphere and the safety and security of my much beloved family and home! 

I received some really great pieces of writing throughout November both prior to my African adventure and whilst I was in the heart of Swaziland. So here they are :

1:11:13. Twitchy. Henfield

Breath deeply into your fear allow all panic and concern to only be a vehicle to learn that which is holding you captive. For once you have identified your assailant then you can collect your thoughts and ideas and focus beyond your own false horizon. 

Do you not think that the first men to voyage to the edge of the known world were not more than a little concerned about that which they were about to learn and yet their courage and determination to break through and expand their own beliefs carried them ever onwards and to the discovery of a whole wide world, and lands of plenty and adventure. The likes of which had never been conceived they simply had to be seen to be believed. 

Sometimes you have to be a magician and create your own future pulling surprises out of your own hat! You do have it in you so do not fear so and doubt your own capabilities. Your own taste for adventure and self expansion are held deeply within you only suppressed and overshadowed by your responsibilities as a mother and a wife. This is a wonderful gift from your own family to you to evolve into the greatness that is in your soul, to see you shine like a diamond is their one united goal. Their love is constant and pure and fills you from within, 'Tis a wonderful place from which to begin.

By first being greatly loved you can then give it out and you really are most greatly loved both down here on earth and in Heaven above. Breath deeply and sleep deeply, awake refreshed and revived for with the dawn of the day your future will have come and you can happily get up and run, with open hearts and minds onto the next exciting phase .

Every day on planet Earth is a gift of the highest worth. 
A life lived in fear is a life half lived. Set yourself free in your mind to climb every mountain and cross every sea so that you can gain a personal understanding of the landscape of your mind, the journey of your heart, the purpose of your soul. 
Make LOVE your goal~

10.11.13 ~ Swaziland ~ South Africa.

Well here you are in ancient African lands~
Where the rhythm of the people goes hand in hand with the fauna and flora and wildlife of their native land.  Tune in to the rocks in the ground and the heartbeat of the Lion for the beat goes on and on. Open up your hearts and minds to the wonders all around for there is magic everywhere. 
Perfect your skills and create magnificence will your own free wills ~

You have all it takes within yourselves to manifest Heaven on Earth. 
Raise your own expectations and sense of self worth for you are some of the most precious things on the planet and should value yourselves as such. Not in a superior kind of way but in full appreciation of the gift of life that you are given every single day. So make the very most of everything, sight, sound, sense, hope, fear, kiss, tear for they are the jewels in the crown of Being Here ~

14*11*13      Swaziland~ South Africa

Near far wherever you are across all time space and the Universe there is a density and vibration to all manner of things. Mighty great planets and the tiniest things micro organisms and Angels wings. Some are clearly visible and are right in your face for obvious detection and recall whilst others exist on a more subliminal plane unobservable to the naked human eye but still clearly present on the more sensitive subtle vibrational plane.

'Tis this heightened sense of awareness that you are all embarked upon a journey to achieve so you can read the signs and symbols that are omnipresent to assist with your souls orientation. Your egoic mind has indeed created your own reality by supplying you with the catalogue of reference for your individual being but the time has come to put away the limited information of your childhood explanation of all that there is and of how it has decided That it is!

For where there was once a limited edition that has become your trusted frame
of reference you are now here to become members of the greatest Reference Library of all time, with information available from everything that has ever been in existence systematically and schematically registered and collected for instant access. Every Hope, Fear, Dream, Smile, Kiss, Tear, Thought, Possibility and Potential. Everything imaginable and beyond~

There is information way beyond your physical minds limited capacity to believe. Information in fact it is only possible to receive and not comprehend or understand. The like of which will blow your mind if you try and contain it in your HEAD. Feel and receive it from a higher source feel it with your extra sensory self, embrace it with confidence that it comes from the true reservoir of all information and that it is there for you to reset your orientation. For if your personal orientation is of a far less limited kind you can all benefit from the possibilities of a truly expanded mind.

15*11*13.   Swaziland ~ South Africa

Since the dawn of time there has always been a rhythm and a rhyme the like of which had never been heard. This ancient song carries on and on and on and on ~
Not only is it sung and repeated by the beauty and sound of the birds in the trees and the rocks in the ground. Every single thing has its very own song to bring to the world and has some particular uniqueness it is longing to be heard. 

This difference is celebrated and displayed in the individual image shape and form of the thing and is described and differentiated by its own vibrational ring. Each colour Blue Sky, Red Earth, Green Leaf, Pink Lightening expresses a myriad of subtle shades and combinations to help dictate their place and standing in the whole. Combinations and variations of the essence of the sameness are what shape and create ALL things in the world, time space and everything. 

From the tiniest Soldier Ant to the soaring Eagle in flight there are incredible variations on the size and scale of things, the matter and form, density and delicateness, transparency and opacity. The vibrations of which create the unique notes they do omit that play their part in the harmony and magnificence of the song of LIFE, of existence in its purest essence, as an expression of the microcosm of the macrocosm. 

The oneness of everything is in tune with the heart beat of the Mother Earth and breaths the very life force from the Father in the Sky. All is as it should be the union of the two, the Divine Masculine and Feminine.  As is above so is below, the ONENESS on show ~

28/11/13 Henfield Sussex

From the place in the sky, the highest on high ALL is well and good. ALL is as it should be all is as it could be in the realm of possibilities. 'Tis up to you all to focus your own intentions, energy and projections onto harmonious end results that will benefit you one and all.

The planet, the people, the nature, the wildlife, the air, the water the land the sea the sky.
The breath of Life, the song of Hope, the ring of Truth, the promise of Love, the kiss of Kindness, the hand of Friendship, the all for one and the one for all~

Whatever you set your hearts and minds to can be yours so set your sights accordingly and aim for unification across every nation. Equality for all peoples regardless of creed colour or gender. May all disparate fragments of society be reunited to the whole.

May the sick and sad and estranged be welcomed back in again. May the marginalised be centralised and the divisions merge to form one and the same. May all men and women become equal regardless of their name, size, shape, colour, creed. May they all be served by the common good not by personal status power or greed. 

Do what you can to help your fellow man for he is you just in another shape and form. You are all one and connected and have only become isolated persecuted and rejected by forgetting this at the core. 
You have believed your own false identities of being individual souls with separate and individual goals instead of remembering the absolute truth which is that you are ALL ONE and connected to all time space and the Universe.

This is a TRUE blessing and not the curse under which you are all living, as lost individuals who are powerless to affect change for yourselves. You are ALL responsible for everything and can indeed change the world for good if you take on the idea and responsibility with the knowledge that you could. Inspire others to break free from the selfish short sighted views that they hold of personal struggle and success. Help them to see that the greatest thing to be is reconnected to source so that you can all benefit from the overall united power of LOVE and TRUST.

May Hope spring eternal and be your driving force. Be inspired and inspirational and lead by example. Fly high to the place in the sky where all is in perfect harmony. 
Know like you know like you know that ALL is well and good. 
ALL is as it should BE~

X x xx x x x 

Wow what a truly amazing and magical month November turned out to be! 
SO bring on December is what I say and let see what magic and surprises it has in store! 

Thank you for joining my newsletter,  please feel free to contact me if there is anything you would like ask or to share with me . I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and look forward to sharing my next months guidance and stories with you .

Much Love and light and Christmas cheer to you one and all ~

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Autumn Gold and the Mind Body Spirit Brighton Festival 1st 2nd 3rd November

This year we have been having a beautiful slowly turning peaceful Autumn with plenty of lovely warm sunny days and Harvest golds and coppery bronzes burnishing the leaves. 

That was until yesterday when we were visited at dawn by the massive windy storm that literally ripped tiles from our roof and blew down our fence! Blustery and chaotic, swirling and blowing vegetation and debris in all directions for hours! Uprooting trees and sending enormous roaring waves crashing and battering the coast! Wild and dangerous and seemingly coming out of nowhere.

Then by today the natural world has returned to its beautiful self, calm safe and serene.
The golden sunshine gently covering the Sussex landscape caressing the world once again with warmth and light. How quickly and dramatically our reality and our outlook can change!

Well we are definitely living in very changeable times and this can be both a challenging and exciting thing. Change is good for it can bring freshness and newness that can not arise out of fixed or static situations and mind sets. Twitchy says "Nothing new can come from more of the same, so be prepared to Change Change Change" embracing these changes is definitely the way to go!

In accordance with this new paradigm and to reflect my own personal evolution I have re built and designed my entire website! It is still an on going work in progress where I am aiming to display my work in a manner that answers the many requests i have so often received. That is to display my paintings along side their stories and messages, and to make my latest channelled writing available to the public as and when it is received. This has been a great adventure defining how i wish to represent myself for the new future. It has been very helpful as an exercise to accept my own mental and spiritual transformation in the alchemical sense and to embrace the newly developing me.

Life never stays the same and sometimes our aims and priorities change too so we have to take stock and re set our sails accordingly. The passage of time as a mother is a beautiful thing but there comes a certain point where your children no longer require you in such a full on fashion where you have an opportunity to start to see the end of much loved era approaching and of the changes coming. This can be a positive thing which brings a wonderful renewed sense of self purpose. You can see that you can start to redefine who you are and who you wish to be for the future beyond your own familiar boundaries and comfort zone. I see it as both exciting and empowering.

Throughout the year I have been doing a lot of personal development work, reading some fascinating and useful books and attending talks and workshops to help release the negative blocks, false limitations and emotional baggage that I have picked up thus far on my life's journey. It is all part and parcel of the stepping into the fullness and greatness of my souls potential! Ha ha thats the way I am looking at it ! There are 3 major stages in the spiritual  development of woman, Maiden, Mother and Crone. With the onset of menopause and the rapidly growing up of my children I am now happily preparing to step up and into my own Golden Autumn phase, my Crone, wise woman role! With Autumn being my favourite season I am really looking forward to it and am sure it will be very happy and fulfilling.  

There is richness in the Autumn that is abundant and bountiful. See your world bathed in this Golden light and it shall be so. Be grateful for all the magnificence and simple beauty in your world .

Mind Body Spirit Brighton Festival.
November 1st * 2nd * 3rd
The Brighton Centre

I will be exhibiting at the MInd Body Spirit Festival in the live stage area at stand H2.
It would be lovely to see you there if at all possible. It promises to be a great event.

So until my next blog enjoy the weather, ALL of it ! 
and always remember to believe in magic!
x x x 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

New website coming , latest writing too ~

Coming Soon ~ my new website will be complete and ready for relaunching showing all my latest writing in one place and all my paintings with their individual stories too. 

For the next two weekends I shall be exhibiting at the Vision Gallery as part of the Chidddingly Festival " A Harvest for the Arts" , Sharlands Farm, Sharlands Lane , Blackboys , East Sussex TN 22 5 HN 

Wishing you all a wonderful Autumn as the world around us silently turns to Gold ! 
See your world bathed in Golden Light and it shall be so ~

Twitchy.  24/9/13

Feel the warmth of the golden light upon your face and allow its warmth to permeate your bones and to caress your soul. Heal your body and restore your sense of well being and equilibrium. Allow the energy and warmth to comfort and flow through you, opening your pathways to your core allowing you to be re connected to source once more ~

Then you can begin to not only survive but truly thrive. For 'it's not always easy being you and that is understood. Allow this healing to take place surrender your resistance release release release. Then all pain and discomfort will cease. Question ye not what it is you should or could be doing, you should or could be chewing just relax and allow the healing to flow through you comforting and soothing your digestion restoring your natural rhythm and health. 

You are a child of the light and therefore it's right for you to be filled with wonder and awe tis your responsibility to share with humanity the wisdom that is imparted to yea. Help shall be provided so do not be so frightened or guarded be open to receiving the help you are needing by focussing with positive thoughts supported by positive actions and call all that you require, all that you desire.

Create your new "you" the you you wish to be, where once you were a sapling now become your tree! Stand up tall for one and all to see be the mighty Oak you truly came to be! No more playing small for the comfort of one and all stand tall and be of great comfort and inspiration to them all.

No more hiding or being shy and embarrassed choose to be courageous and bold be strong aim high and go for Gold! Let all anxiety drop away allow all abundance to come your way. Climb on the back of your higher self and together you can walk your talk. March confidently onwards towards your bright future. Be the visionary and tutor you were born to be. Help yourself to help humanity.

The world is in need of good food for thought upon which to feed. Put your words of wisdom out there on line for all the world to feast upon. Then in time you shall see how your paintings truly are soul food sister that help feed the hungry souls of people in need and that your role of visionary artist is an important role indeed. 

By creating your work and sharing your work and sharing your stories you help other people gain an understanding of their own inner journeys. You help them to gain an understanding of their own internal landscape and give them a visual language through which their emotions can speak. 

Archetypal images expressing deeper meanings so often out of reach made clear by your interpretation to help heal with inspiration ~ Be inspired and Inspirational ~ Was there ever a greater thing to be. Be filled with great Love from above so that you can Beam and Shine Bright like a diamond for all the world to see. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Be in awe and wonder every day be happy and grateful for your time on planet earth make every second count and make every second worth living. Give Love at all times, give thanks at all times and be blessed at all times be Loved at all times that is the way to help humanity, be the very best you can be. Allow yourself to grow and become your own mighty magnificent tree.

Put your roots way on down into rich nourishing energy of the earth so you can stand strong in any storm and reach upward skyward heavenly bound touching the stars whilst being firmly on the ground. 
Thus you can achieve as is above so is below, you can indeed be a spiritual being in human kind reconnected to source all of the time bringing the wonders of the universe all around ~

Saturday, August 31, 2013

17/8/13 The Natural Rhythm of Summer ~

Back in the rhythm of nature the natural pace of life. No time, no rush, no hurry , no worry just the constant ebbing and flowing coming and going of the sea the sun and the moon. 

This is the tune to re set your life to, the real base line the tide line the natural breath of the in and out of the sea. The embracing and the releasing, the natural gaining and loosing, the yin and the yang, the whole cycle in its simplicity and grace. With ease and pleasure relax at your leisure and calm your whole vibration. 

Focus with clarity on that which you would truly love to become your new reality, and from this place of natural peace and beauty trust that your love and creativity will bring your hearts desire into form in your world and manifest your dreams into the tangible reality of your life. Believe in your self, your power as a creator and your natural ability as an alchemist to perform pure magic.

Believe and conceive ~ decree a thing with conviction and it shall be done as sure as the stars in the night sky are followed by the rising of the sun.
T'is the natural order of things so make sure you put in your order for the Universe to provide and produce your true end result. Focus with all your Love on this and relax and enjoy the ride. 

Ride the wave of your own belief and passion to the shore of your dreams, your land of plenty, your paradise beach, your Heaven on Earth ~

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July July bring on the blue sky ~

At long last apparently the sunshine is coming and the blue skies are on their way.

It has been such a strange year so far because the temperatures have not increased very much and the sky has been grey for so long the seasons do not appear to have changed when expected to do so and therefore the progression of time has been less obvious. It is hard to even know what to wear with 10 degree changes in temperature from one day to the next.
The English weather pattern has most definitely become strange and only acts to show us that the normality of our current reality has changed too. It is simply unavoidable, we literally have to embrace Change change change everywhere!

One of the changes in my world is I that sadly I have had to say good bye to little "Sid" my mums 16 yr.old Westie . He was much adored by many and notorious in our village and to a whole generation of youngsters for his snowy white Mohican. He was such a wonderfully loyal and loving little chap, a great companion and had been a real comfort to me since she passed away. I will really miss him and am very grateful for having had him in my world. I guess he is one of the things i am having to release as part of the clearing and freeing up process in preparation for stepping into the new. So tis with fond memories I release him with great Love~

Let the bright future begin today and our lives ALL be bathed in Golden light ~

Here are some of the most recent pieces of writing from Twitchy ~

19:6:13 Twitchy~

From time to time you get out of sync with yourself 

and out of rhythm with your world and the rhyme and reason of your life~
That is not to say you have lost your real direction but are temporarily out of play, 
but once recovered your life can resume its tune and your progress can get underway~ hooray.

Take time to recover your footing and recover your health for one ensures your safety and the other is your greatest wealth. There are adjustments you may have to make to sustain and maintain them both but these will be beneficial in the long run and will help you arrive safely and soundly in your bright future. Eat well, sleep well, think well. Work rest and play each and every day then you will be in perfect tune with the sun and moon and your future can begin Today~

25:6:13 Twitchy ~

From time to time one has to find the reason, find the rhyme to get yourself back in sync and get yourself back in line. When all of life is outstretched before you and you feel you are overwhelmed by the scale and distance of the landscape and journey ahead stop and take stock of where you have been, what you have seen thus far. Whom you have journeyed with some of the way, shared time and space and adventures with, Life experiences and emotions.

Be grateful for all whom have walked by your side for however long in time their company was it was important for your overall experience to have shared some part of your life's path with them,  people and pets. All have contributed love and support, enthusiasm ,encouragement, inspiration, purpose, incentive, fun, laughter, hope and joy.

This solstice has been a mighty landmark and turning point from which your life will move on quicker and take on new purpose and meaning. Release has been required and this only helps with the lightening of your heart and mind so your journey can continue with ease. Address all that needs addressing so you can move ahead with great speed and great ease towards your bright future~

3.7.13  Twitchy ~

Well here we are poised on the edge of your new reality .
Take a deep breath and jump in, the best thing to do is just begin. Take the actions required to get the process happening. Let go of all that maybe holding you down or weighing heavy on your mind, free yourself up so that you can LEAP headlong into your LIFE~

Clear all that needs clearing, let go of all that you are fearing. Deal with stuff that simply needs dealing! Then you can put all your energy into springing forward. Push off from here to there in the blink of an eye, you can be there already if you just try. Build it in your realm of possibilities and let that become your new reality. You choose your thoughts you choose your actions, you can also choose success and ease. 
BE ALL that you came to BE~

Believe in yourself as much as everyone else does. Weed out the negative doubts and thoughts and fears from your sub conscious and keep your healthy seedlings growing. Feed them on good nutritious thoughts and energy. Believe in your own success and see it materialise in the world right before your own eyes. Fear NOT anything!

You ARE an all powerful being, you are all way more creative than you can possibly imagine. Begin to touch the edges of what that truly means and of how greatly you can create your own reality.
Think it, believe it, see it ,touch it, Live it!

LEAP FORWARD and TRUST for it shall be GOOD.
CLEAR your own BLOCKS: 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Flaming June ha ha ~

Here we are at the summer solstice and the half way point of the year.
So far great things have happened except the appearance of the long awaited summer itself!

We had an amazing show called "Step in to the Light" at the Holistic Art House the venue of our collective exhibition for the Brighton Festival Artist Open House Event. It ran throughout the whole month of May and I'd like to say a really big thank you to everyone that came to see us and who helped to make it such a wonderful success. Also a special thank you to all the people who voted for us in the Latest Homes Best Open House Awards for 2013 and helped us to become runners up! What an incredible achievement for our debut festival . You can find great pictures of the show on our FaceBook page The Holistic Art House, or on our website

It was a great opportunity for me to showcase my latest painting "Harvest of Hope" and to get such wonderful feed back and public response to the first painting i have completed since the passing over of my beloved mother two years ago. It represents the the continuing journey of the heart , having come through the darkest part of the night in the "Path of Light" it now flows on out across the ripening fields into the warmth and golden sun of the bright day . These two paintings are know collectively as the Compassionate Companions.

Since the festival ended and our show came to a close I have been getting back into step with the everyday rhythm of life and am excitedly planning for our bright future. We have big plans and dreams.
Helped and encouraged by these ever positive and guiding words from Twitchy ~ 29:6:13

The seeds had been planted and nurtured with water love and light
Now the fruits of your labours can ripen and come into form can grow and grow and grow, beyond all expectation of what you thought you did know.

The plants are well established and are growing every day
Keep on supplying them with love and light and positive thoughts
to help their daily development and upward climb, skyward reaching.

With the right conditions and no limitations or restrictions
their growth can be amazing and visible over night.
With huge advancement on a daily basis a handful of seeds can become an oasis.

The beacon of light of your collective hearts and minds combined
Can help ripen the harvest of hope in other people's lives
and inspire their own individual growth in kind.

Your show may be over and you may think your work is done,
But in essence it is just getting started and the results are yet to come.
The fertile soil and suitable conditions have allowed your seeds to grow 
but only with extra time and love and patience and trust will the abundance of your crop come to fruition.
You could put all the importance on the development of one fruit and judge the success of the season on its size shape colour and taste . Or you can wait and reap the benefit of the whole abundance of the entire season yet to come. 
Allow the plants to continue to grow and develop on a daily basis.
It is way too early to go judging or looking for juicy ripened fruits
They are only just developing and are green and hard and not ready for consumption .
Do not be tempted to pluck them and be disappointed if they leave a bitter taste in your mouth. TRUST that in time they will grow and sweeten become juicy and delicious, healthy and nutritious. Patience is always required with the natural organic growth of anything.
Hopes, dreams and wishes as much as any delicate fruit, flower or fragrant bloom ~