Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fond farewell to my beloved mother ANGELA Saunders

Dear All, this is the saddest post for me to compose. Right now I am faced with the biggest change I have ever had to face. It really is the true end of an era, the entire end of my life as I have thus far known it~
My mother has been my BEST BEST friend always, we shared the most incredible closeness that went far beyond the realms of most mother/daughter relationships, we were truly BLESSED~

She was simply the wisest and bravest, most dignified and graceful being I have ever met, She was unfortunately taken from us by illness but was thankfully at peace in herself and ready to pass over.

Thankfully I had some very comforting and reassuring words of great wisdom from Twitchy in the last few months and weeks.


When the thirst for life is finally fully quenched,
and the lust for life is somehow fully spent.
When the get up and go has all but got up and gone
When the "joie de vie" becomes too hard to see,
in the fresh spring flowers and in the sweet bird song.
then the time you have left is truly heaven blessed
for twill not be very long before being finally at rest.


Scores of Angels on high will descend from the sky
to bestow unto your mother her finest golden wings. To assist her ascension into the next dimension the heavenly realm above. there will be a celebration indeed when she is finally received for she will be at PEACE and as ONE with the source of ALL LOVE
and continue to watch over you all from above~

Rest in PEACE rise in GLORY~