Monday, April 19, 2010


What a beautiful day some would say whilst others are in despair~
Tis the same story on most days but none of you really care!
When the disaster is out of sight and out of mind tis easier to ignore,
but this recent so called "Act of God" has got your attention for sure!

Many poor people in distant parts of the world are suffering greatly
from "natural disasters" that have happened before but the world has then turned and they are no longer the centre of peoples concerns,
as they focus upon themselves once more!

This latest eruption has created mass disruption with in fact little destruction. Other events have destroyed landscapes, buildings and lives.Yet most of you carry on as if nothing is wrong
because the planes can still fly in the sky!

This one is in fact no more or no less than any other, they are all one and the same and I have told you time and time again they will continue to happen with greater regularity and verocity until you all open your eyes.
Now you can feel for people in faraway places because they are family and friends stranded by grounded planes, but all people everywhere
are your sisters and brothers even when the planes fly again.

This eruption may only last for a mere number of days
but there are plenty more that maybe in store. With the vast number of volcanoes present on the planet you would all be mistaken for sure if you think it will be over soon and there will not be any cause for concern anymore!

History has shown they often trigger each other and then what would you all do? Wake up to the changes that are already in action, these events are a chain reaction! Tis exciting times some of you would say, whilst others will run and hide. Tis time in fact to look deep inside and find strength of true character and compassion not mere ego and self pride~

Develop a greater sense of union with your fellow human beings,
this is your greatest hope for survival and of lasting peace inside.
What the future has in store for you all who can say,
LOVE LOVE LOVE each and everyday
then see what the wind blows your way!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Pluming Marvellous ~

Up up and volcanic smoke!
The planet is erupting
and the earth is quaking and s
haking in the most dramatic and quickest succession of natural disasters the world has seen for a very very long time.
Every one is yet another indication that the planet is deeply unsettled and far from at peace with itself or its inhabitants!

I have created a mystical crystal circle in my garden as a totem and magical offering to help protect my family and the U.K and the whole planet in general from any negative fall out fr
om the massive cloud of dust and debris from the volcanic eruption in
Iceland that is currently suspended in the upper atmosphere above us.
Well, I thought i had better do something

Back in March Twitchy wrote the following message to us all!

~ 04.03.2010 ~

The countdown is ON! but in essence great change has already begun No need to wait and see what will be will be in 2012~
All that has been prophesied will be revealed and the so called future of mankind will be sealed. As the pendulum does gain momentum on its journey from side to centre to side, the speed of these planetary disasters will quicken and more disasters and devastation will occur.

These are NOT isolated incidents of an unrelated kind, be they storms or earthquakes, fires and volcanoes, floods and famines or plagues.
The balance of nature is being shaken up and a new order will be established many years from now and a New World will be formed out of the ashes of this.
And mankind one day will rise again like the mighty Phoenix but only out of the flames and burning shell of what we are today!

Whether it is possible for humans to change enough if they were all to do so today who could say, for it will never happen. That you must all change and adjust to the changes that happen around you is without doubt. You really are all living in extremely difficult times and there will be a great deal that awaits in store for a great many whom will not endure. This is not a message just sent to spread fear,
tis a truth that will come to pass for sure~

Much as the Mayans have known this for a very long time and still awoke and greeted each day with hope and a smile. So too should you for without HOPE and LOVE and LIFE and appreciation of all that is good and pure and of true value in the world, how could any of you go on! You can not loose Hope you have to learn to go with the flow
even if it is the enormous swell of a tidal wave or the mighty force of a Tsunami you must hold on and keep moving forward for there is no going back, not now, not ever!

Many people will desperately try to get back to a world they knew, to the security of the daily lives they have known, but there will be no opportunity for such nostalgia and regret, for one can not jump in the same river twice particularly with the speed at which the new waters are now flowing. This pace will ever quicken and so you must free your minds to the new realities. Set your eyes upon the far horizon, make that what you set your eyes on for what you thought you knew that laid ahead between yourselves and that distant goal, well that will now be the great unknown, a new landscape for your soul.

Try to stay positive even with the acceptance of this knowledge for you must remain a source of LIGHT now even more so than ever before. Take good care of yourself so that you can be as strong as you will need, so that you can be as happy and as loving as you can be for without great LOVE and Joy the world would be a very different place, greet the future with a smile upon your face~

Focus upon the sweetness of birdsong, of the lightness of the laughter in your children's voices, on the 'joie de vivre" that is all around. Enjoy each and every day, come what may. They are all good. Keep on believing that your life will be bathed in golden light and it shall be so, BE the golden light that in truth illuminates it so!

Tis not too late for pities sake so do not give up and cry~
Now is the time to open your wings and teach the world to fly~
Lead by example, be like your Humming Bird and keep your own vibrations high~
Help others to feel the same that is why you are here again!

Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly,
people can too if they have the right incentive and encouragement to TRY~