Friday, November 4, 2011

Positive November News~

Warmest ever Greetings at this most unusual November time!

My Roses are in full bloom outside my front door, beautiful but hitherto previously unseen at this time of year! Sweetly scented and delicately coloured they radiate with pure HOPE and LIFE~

My exhibition is now up and running at The Yoga Ananda Centre in Reigate where my paintings have delighted and surprised even me! There are 10 of them on display hanging together in one bright white room. They seem SO happy to be there together, as they have never all met each other before.
Individually they resonate with almost audible sound but collectively they seem to be singing like a veritable choir!

When I think of them now from a distance, I see they are
hanging in a circle that is making an unseen column of light which is spiraling upwards.This invisible ring of healing light can be experienced by the people visiting them, and especially those exercising and meditating amongst them. It is quite amazing ! My wish is to be invited to take my exhibition to another venue so that the paintings can keep on singing with their collective voice and benefit even more individuals!

I have had some interesting writing from Twitchy to support this idea as well as some very good positive guidance for us all. I hope you enjoy it ~

Twitchy 16*10*11 Sayers Common

Tis the landscape of the soul that will be revealed as your daily life does unfold. For the various highs and lows only Heaven knows how they are designed to contribute and combine to expand your conscious mind, to create the most fertile environment for you to grow and move beyond the limitations of what you think you know~

Some people seem to be here to learn very different things, To experience life on earth in any form is a unique and special gift, From the minute you are born your journey is begun,

‘tis unlike any other for ‘tis truly yours alone.

You are all here to experience “LIFE” to develop compassion and to be both Loving and Loved. All the details may be variables but the destinations are all the same. How your landscape differs from another can be huge even between sister and brother.

You may well think because you have a close family link

that your journeys may be somehow similar and your lessons will be the same, just because you share a surname. However this is not the case.

Even identical twins who share the same face have different landscapes to cross.

You may be born into the same family but that has no significance on the Ordinance Survey map of the individual Soul. You have to follow the path that your life reveals to help you arrive at your goal

with your heart filled with Love, complete and whole ~

26*10*11 Twitchy Sayers Common

Release ALL negativity without expectation then you can embrace the future without hesitation.

For if you hold onto resentment and fear you will prevent the very good things that you wish for to appear.

Hope and Trust literally must be free to BE the greatest they can be without being limited by your own capacity to forgive~

You can not truly say and do different things for you have to fly with one set of wings!

Be who you truly are, be it with confidence, be what you say, be what you prey, be authentically you

and see what a mighty shift releasing ALL negativity without expectation will truly do.

Lead by example and set your whole family free.

Free to simply be , Now simply BE ~ YOU