Sunday, February 24, 2013

Twitchy ~ Re connect with Source

Twitchy 24/2/13

Recharge from source as a matter of course
Revive ~ Survive ~ Thrive ~
The times they are a changing and you are doing well
to keep up with the pace.There is soon to be a change of tune
and the rhythm will get going faster, be sure to fill the days ahead with happiness fun and laughter ~

If you take life too seriously and loose your sense of play,
then your ideas and dreams can not get off the ground
and your inspiration and hope can slip away~
Stay light hearted so your intuition and creativity can flow from on high. Then your day to day life will be a pleasure to treasure without having to try.

Sometimes it is good to have your feet firmly on the ground,
seriously rooted in the here and now the wherefore and how of the reality of the world.
But tis important too for someone like you to keep your head in the air, way way up there to receive and reproduce the magical and inspirational from the Realm of Possibilities
which lies beyond the sky ~

If you we're to be fully grounded where would the benefit be?
You would be present on Earth as a matter of course
but you would also be disconnected from Source!
Stay as you are with one foot in each world
so can be exactly who you came to be ~

People in general have become too grounded in their problems and negative realities.
They have forgotten the existence of the Realm of Possibilities. Your responsibility is to remind them of its existence and of the amazing wonders that lie therein

So they can begin to re connect their own hearts and minds and therefore in time Regain their own HOPE
replace their own Fear with TRUST,
and remember that LOVE is the key.

So to set themselves free re connect to Source, expand and embrace, in Beauty and with GRACE. Be less fixed and concerned with who's got what or what they can earn! How fat or thin, what colour their skin just see them as your kin Not the vessel they are in ~

You are all ONE and tis time indeed to stop focussing on individual success personal goals and greed.
How come there are so many people suffering and so many hungry mouths to feed!
Re connect to source for then you are all one and the same only distinguishable by your name.

ALL is change , nothing will remain so get back into the flow so you can change with the changes and see them
as an opportunity to grow ~