Sunday, November 11, 2012

November News and Guidance~

                      ~ The Heart of Autumn ~

From the bottom of the woodland floor spings forth a natural heart shaped tree stump, trimmed by a growing white fungus and decorated with vibrant coloured Autumn leaves, a glorious organic shrine for a beautiful season~                                                                                14*10*12

Round and round we go where it will stop nobody knows.'Tis like the fairground ride of all time with fun and laughter, thrills and spills, highs and lows the like of which only Heaven knows.  Sometimes you would like it to stop so you can perhaps get off and yet at other times you wish it would go faster and faster and never come to an end.

Sometimes the thrill turns to fear and the giddying turns to sickening and the whole experience goes sour, but then again when the swirling and whirling come to an end, your equilibrium is restored you jump up and down and are calling for more.

The rollercoaster ride is something truly exciting and thrilling,                and should be enjoyed as the blue print of your living. With peaks and troughs and twists and turns, drops and climbs sometimes at great speed and sometimes slow. Fueled by enthusiasm and hope, spiced with adrenalin for excitement and fear for the scary bits when it goes too fast, seems out of control and enters the unknown. Creating a cocktail of extreme emotions and sensations, tears and jubilations helping you touch the depth and breadth of your being. To help you experience Life itself fully from start to finish~ 


Take time to appreciate the glorious PEACE present in your world      and focus on that at this time of Remembrance. The stillness of the blue skies the radiance of the trees the warmth of the golden sun and the healing of the silence~ Be grateful for it all and for those whom have gone before.



Monday, October 22, 2012

Autumn twitchy up date ~

Autumn abundance and colourful delights ~

Well here we are in the midst of Autumn and the mists of time,
Who knows what the future holds, we're the Myans correct in their thinking and prophecies that the end of the world is neigh? Well I don't think so! 
My birthday is fast approaching and this year is a pretty exciting one indeed for the 12*12*12 will be my 50th Birthday!
We are all greatly blessed to bare witness to the turning of the seasons. As the weeks go by the trees perform their most colourful annual show. Silently transforming themselves from a palet of verdent greens through the spectrum of rich Ruby reds, burnt umber oranges to palest yellows oachers with opulent burnished golds, Truly magnificent pure natural Abundance ~

The interconnected ness of all things is the greatest mystery of all time ~
To see and hear and taste and touch, to feel to think to be ~ or not to be ~ that is indeed the question ! For after all one and all are but the same. Everything is one and all are ultimately codependent on one another for survival~ that IS the key.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Beginnings ~ New paintings for 2012

February is underway and under snow ! How exciting to see the world transformed by pure white stuff, silently covering and cleansing as it gently caresses the landscape and hugs the hills.

My exciting news is that we will be moving house in March and this new property will include a new "STUDIO" which I am looking forward to greatly~ New beginnings, new paintings~

Not only will I be able to paint and be creative in this new space but I will also be able to offer new workshop and teaching dates too!

As soon as possible I will put these dates up on my "workshop" page of my website and start taking bookings for 2012~

I now look forward to the snows melting and the March arriving with new life and adventures.
The future looks bright~